The team works together to plan activities that are both educational and stimulating. Many activities are planned around the child’s own interests and focused activities can take place in small groups or 1 to 1 where necessary. 

We use a structured timetable of planned activities to organise the day. This enables us to monitor the children’s progress whilst highlighting areas to improve.

We know the importance of nurturing children’s developments and offer extra curriculum activities. Reward schemes such as stickers and stars are awarded to children to acknowledge and congratulate good behaviour, for achieving new skills and for being helpful.

Each child has their very own learning journal, which is what we use to record and monitor their development. Our staff are able to identify issues of general concern as well as specific areas that need improvement. 

The most important aspect in the development of children from 0 – 5 years is providing opportunities for them to explore. This helps to create the right balance to progress within their physical and mental growth.

The children’s work is displayed around the room giving them recognition for their creation and we update parents with daily records of how their child has been that day. Parent’s evenings are held to discuss your child’s development and any concerns you may have.



08:00    Children arrive and take of their coat self-register and fill their water beaker with staff supervision.

08:30    Children to wash their hands and help themselves to breakfast with staff supervision.

09:00    Morning circle time focusing on alphabet letters numbers colours and shapes.

09:30    Children to engage in free play activities throughout all available areas inside and out.

10:00    Snack time – children to wash their hands and help themselves to a wide selection of various fruits.

10:15    Children to engage in a focus activity from the weekly plan.

11:15    Tidy up time – ‘helpers of the day’ to assist staff to tidy away and prepare for lunch.

11:30    Mid-morning circle time reading stories and singing session.

11:45    Lunch time – staff support children to find their personalised chair and attempting to feed themselves.

12:15    Children to brush their teeth and wipe their hands and face.

12:30    Children to listen to a story whilst their food settles before laying down to sleep at rest period. Children who choose not to sleep will be given quiet activities.

14:00    Children wake from their sleep and have snack together.

14:30    Key persons focus time with their key children focusing on areas of development for the group.

15:00    Children to continue engaging in free play activities throughout all available areas inside and out.

16:00    Tea Time - Children to wash hands before eating.

16:45    Children get ready to go home then continue engaging in free play activities throughout all available areas inside and out.

18:45    Home Time